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1 on 1 Events

Hello dear everbody,

I’ve been thinking about how our community and in general the local art scene can continue. The alternative to in-person gatherings and events may be live streamed concerts and virtual events and these are definitely better than nothing. I think. Please correct me if I’m wrong but nobody really knows how long this will take, right? I’m wondering whether the compromise to stream your gigs from home is really a way that lives up to the potential of the content. So- what can we do?

As far as I understand the current law situation in Berlin, 1-on-1 meetings are not prohibited. Imagine opening an exhibition that is only open for appointment, to be scheduled via calendly or the like. While this thought is not too avant-garde at all, I am rather wondering whether it’s morally acceptable. Are you currently interested in this, do you think this could be a way to slowly continue after this disruption?

While I was considering this, I came across this post from DAM Gallery, offering exactly this format. See the attached screenshot please.

What do you think?

Greetings :four_leaf_clover: