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🎈 Currently working on

Let the community know what you’re currently working on! What questions are you trying to answer right now? What projects are on your desk? Which creative or business ideas are you testing out?

Perhaps you find support, insights from others or helpful links to projects and people in here.

So, what are you woking on?

The Retune Team currently has several things on their plate:

  • Festival 2020: This is a bit on hold right now until we know what the post-corona world will look like. Before the crisis we were about to release an Open Call and talking to sponsors.
  • VR Festival: Some time ago we had the idea to organize a festival that happens in VR. Now it seems like the right time has come for this. Currently we’re talking to other Festivals who could join in and see how we can fund this. By the way: @Jeanne would that be something for you?
  • Virtual Studio Visits: We don’t want the virus to kill our studio visit format. So we’re putting together a list of studios we want to visit virtually. If you want to be part of this, let us know over here.
  • Retune Express: We started working on a service that rents out interactive installations to events. We were lucky to get some funding for this from the Kompetenzzentrum für Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft last year as part of their Reframing Innovation Project. But as all events are cancelled right now, this project is also on hold.
  • Virtual Teaching: I am a visiting Professor at the Weißensee School of Arts and I am leading an initiative there that looks at how we will be e-teaching in the next semester. More in this thread.

Now that I write this down I notice that there is not one thing in the list that is not immediately affected by the Corona Crisis…

Hey @julian just see that now. What do you mean by this question? Any VR Festival in general? Writing funding applications? :wink: tell me more!