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Initiatives & events in times of social distancing

There are a lot of stuff happening on the internet these days (not like the rest of the year :smile:)



Please post more interesting stuff here! :point_down:

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The Social Media Week is going online:

Ah yes, love the idea of virtual lunch meetings! :heart: Wanted to propose that too.

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HAU online premieren

Art Will Save Us

For weeks, all museums and exhibition halls have closed. Artists worldwide are in quarantine and isolation. Especially in such hard times art can provide a little hope, joy and inspiration. Here we present contemporary artists doing live online performances from their homes and studios. Simultaneously, we collect donations so the independent art scene survives these difficult times.
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DGTL- electronic music festivla in Amsterdam is doing an online festival this weekend!:

STRP Design Festival in Eindhoven was cancelled, so they decided to collect a series of essays from the participants- speculative stories, pragmatic theories. Many interesting opinions! Check them out here:

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A studio neighbour of mine released an online sneak preview platform for cancelled exhibitions and concerts. It’s a bit like an early Christmas calendar. :smiley:

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Implied Gallery 3D exhibition! Really fun dev- gallery into more of a game format, featuring works from a range of artist and designers.

Curated by Olly Bromham and Sheona Turnbull. Visit at —

With artwork by: @adammortondelaney @_benhutchings @gray_carmen @cleotsw @harriet.blend @harry_grundy @jacob.j.wise @lucasgabellinifava @ninarosiekelleycarter @seb_price @tigrisli @tommcgrathh @willreuben

Hi everyone!

The videogame collective I’m a part of yesterday released our third game (for windows), check it out. The website works on mobile but is more fun to check out on a computer for a better impression of the game

Might be something fun to play while stuck inside over the cooler days this week!


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Forward Festival has teamed up with Dezeen to have a virtual festival this friday!

Friday, the 17th of April starting from 3pm CEST,

Line up: Snask | Paola Antonelli | Erik Spiekermann | Sarah Illenberger | Freitag

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