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Stay Home-Playlist

Hej everyone,
we were talking about to share our working from home hits with you!
these two moved us emotionally and hip shaking-wise

- The Constitute - Isolation Tapes

“This isn´t a big thing. Just a mixtape diary while the covid19 plague. Two turntables, a dusty vestax and broken headphones. Let´s see where this leads to.”

> - Craig Schuftan- stay in your house house mix.

feel free to join us and post your hottest playlist here :clap:


Charlie Bones streaming from home, on NTS every morning:

It’s quite entertaining… He’s challenged himself to not repeat a song for the entire of quarantine- this morning he was playing cowbell tracks for a good while.

hey beautiful people,
we also created a spotify playlist for these days of contemplation. You can tune in here:

sunshine greetings from Studio RLON


Hello everyone! My first post here. My name is Jira and im a member of AAA collective. Thank you for setting up this forum :slight_smile:

I find this song (and the entire album) to be a suitable corona soundtrack…

Also here is a nice quarantine livestream project from Shanghai…

Hi! Great idea @marie. Love your song selection!

Hope this is helping someone in the community to get into the creative flow:

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