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Support to deal with economic consequences of the corona crisis

Currently there are several support mechanisms being built up to help businesses with the economic consequences of the corona crisis. Get an overview that specifically looks at the Creative Industries over here: (German only, sorry!)
Let us know if you have additional resources or experiences with these types of funding.


super inititive! Anyone knows where to find applications for this?

thanks for joining, @mate!

this article says “Michael Müller (SPD) hat intern angeregt…” which sounds like it will take a bit of time before this is actually something you can apply for. Definitely sounds like a great initiative. Since they talk about solo-freelancers I’d also be interested in learning if GmbHs will be excluded from applying even if they have only very few employees…

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Ah, this article now talks about “Solo-Selbstständige und Kleinstunternehmen” and it’s not a Berlin thing but a project of the Federal Government.

Thanks for the initiative @julian! Had been wondering how we could exchange thoughts better, beyond the individual phone calls i’ve had with colleagues in the past few days.

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Yes, thank you for setting this platform up.
My understanding also is that what ever kind of help is going to come up, it will still take some time to finally get there. Also the criteria of how to apply and how much help individuals can get will probably depend on everyone’s private savings, so far it doesn’t exacty look like there’s enough money to get everybody through. Makes total sense in terms of solidarity to give it to people most in need first, even though I’m not eager myself to kill my savings during the next couple months.

The idea of a temporary “bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen” that’s being spread sounds great, but I wouldn’t bet on it either …

Anyway, this seemed to be quite resourceful, it’s being updated regularly as well:

Stay healthy!

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Hi Julian, I have been debating just today if we should gather in this group of people with some others. So great you do it. So here is my link collection:

Handy legal & tax info for freelancers:
… and useful info for artists gathered:

Crowdfunding has been made more easy:

Infos zu politischer UnterstĂĽtzung des Kultursektors:

Promotion of existing work by ZEIT
… and video work by Evy Schubert:

I guess it’s great to encourage our community to gather:

Also some Information in the current newsletter from the Kulturförderpunkt:

Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft

Und weil die psychologische Komponente des Ganzen nicht unterschätzt werden darf, hier ein Online-Angebot bei Depressionen:

The support for Freelancers and small companies seems to be official now.

“Es wird dringend gebeten, noch keine Förderanträge zu schicken. Informationen zu den Förderbedingungen, zu den Antragsformularen und zum Verfahren werden zeitnah auf der Website der IBB veröffentlicht.”

1. Zuschüsse 5.000 EUR – Soforthilfe-Paket II

Antragstellung ab Freitag, 27.03.2020, 12 Uhr möglich

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Welcome @CeeYaa! Thanks for sharing the link.

It looks like there are two programmes right now: one from the Berlin Senat (executed by the IBB) and one from the Federal Government. The latter seems to offers 9.000€

If these two can be combined or not does not appear to be clear at this point…

The IBB Website can’t handle the traffic because of today’s 12 o’clock announcement…

well, just 37k people in the cue before me… :joy:

:art: SOS-Ressourcen :sparkling_heart: Google Doc

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…and is the process any “unbürokratisch”? In Hamburg in sounds super bürokratisch and based on the missing revenue before march 11 – which does not make sense for artists who usually don’t have liquidity plans for months ahead. :woman_facepalming:

It’s pretty simple. Just some clicks and some info about your company (tax id etc.) and about yourself (e.g. passport number).


Bei uns sollte es eigentlich heute losgehen, aber die technischen Vorbereitungen sind offenbar komplizierter als geplant… we’re waitin…