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Teaching remotely

Since universities are closed, there are a lot of people thinking about how to teach online. Especially in the areas of art and design, this is not a simple task. But I also see it as a good opportunity to push the digitisation of the universities forward and to overcome their (oftentimes) very static structures.

There are some groups I found who are discussing these topics over here:

I’m curious to hear how you plan to teach this semester!

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They are very helpful when it comes to setting up OER:

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Virtual Events & Performances:

interesting change of perspective

This open letter goes in the same direction

I also am about to begin teaching online, and something I am struggling with is I need to find a service that supports simultaneous screen sharing, does anyone know of such a thing?

what do you mean by simultaneous screen sharing? pretty much all video conferencing tools (jitsi, zoom, skype) offer the functionality to share your screen.

I mean two people on a call sharing their screens at once.
With Skype you cannot screen share at same time. its limited to one person screen sharing at a time. Unless this is something that they have updated recently and I didn’t check out of habit.
I have not used Jitsi, I will try this next.