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💥 Virtual Studio Visits

We plan to continue our series of Studio Visits as an online version!

Now we’re looking for studios to present their work in a live stream. You can talk about all the nice exhibitions you would have done and the nice projects that got cancelled :smile:. And we’ll see how it feels like to drink beer together virtually…

:point_down: Please comment below to let us know if you’d be up for this! :point_down:


I’m up for it… and yet the post must be at least 20 characters long.


happy to hear @mate :slight_smile:

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We would be up for that! Let us know how it would work and what would be available time slots :slight_smile: Best, Studio Above&Below aka Perry and Daria


Yay! Finally international Studio Visits!

Hej mate,
send you an email a week ago :slight_smile:

:clap: :clap: :clap:happy to hear, Ill come back at you via mail!

This sounds great! How can people join and to watch?

@Kimberly_P: the best way to keep up to date is signing up for our newsletter:

we also publish all our events here :

We would love to have you in Brussels with Joanie!


Welcome, @Julietteb! Great idea! Now is finally the time to make this format international.
We’ll get in touch via email.

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Hi, we (AAA Collective aren’t a studio but a videogame art collective, but maybe it’d be interesting for the Retune community. We just released our third game, Utopias ( Disappointed we won’t get to tour with it to as many festivals as we would have hoped this year, but still excited to introduce it to new audiences.
Either way, thanks for putting on the events!
~ Chloê

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Hej everyone, our first virtual studio visit is starting in a few minutes.
join us via:
see you around :slight_smile: